Hydrofoil Academy Course

Flying over water
has never been easier

Superb way of kitesurfing

TRY Hydrofoil in Esbjerg & Hvide Sande

Our hydrofoil academy gives you all the basic knowledge to independently continue learning and master your hydrofoil skills. With our rescue boat you don’t have to worry about walking upwind or loosing the board.

Kite hydrofoil course

Get all the foil basics with our gear and weather warranty*

kr999/ 150 min
  • Kite hydrofoil Experience
  • Kites for light wind (if necessary)
  • Weather Warranty *
  • Progress & challenge yourself
  • Rescue boat

If you are kitesurfing on a regular basis, have quite some kitesurfing experience and want to learn how to ”fly over the water” then this course is for you.

You will be introduced in what makes hydrofoiling so attractive:

  • flying over the water
  • having fun even on lightwind days
  • kitesurf faster than on a twintip
  • go upwind significantly easier and faster
  • calmness while kitesurfing

A variety of exercises will be performed during the course and you’ll be getting feedback to master your skills.


  • Own kite gear: kites, bar, harness, wetsuit etc.
  • Good skill at flying your kites

These course in built up of:

  • Welcome to the area
  •  Short instruction in hydrofoil equipment
  •  Instruction in kitefoil technique
  •  Control of equipment – getting a helmet
  • Sailing upwind with our boat
  •  Time on water with a hydrofoil and feedback

Bring with you:

  • Own kitesurfing equipment
  • Gladly a small snack and water
  • Positive vibes and motivation to learn

* Weather warranty –  The course might get cancelled due to safety precautions due to very strong winds, rain or thunder. We can quite precisely predict the weather 1-2 days in advance and will inform you a.s.a.p. if you’ll be affected. We will always suggest an alternative day for the course otherwise you’ll get your money back.